20 Fascinating Upcycling DIY Wine Bottle Projects To Refresh Your Interior Design

When you have lots of empty wine bottles and are wondering what to do with them then forget about waste disposal. If you have a lot of rubbish you can hire a waste clearance company such as Ben and Jerry to help you dispose of junk. But you can make use of the wine bottles so don’t send them for rubbish disposal. Here you can find out great 20 fascinating upcycling DIY wine bottle projects that will help you make your interior design amazing.

  1. Flower vases
    Wine bottles when painted and arranged well can make great DIY flower vases
  1. Wine bottle chandeliers
    When arranged in different orders and designs, wine bottles can be used to make very beautiful chandeliers
  1. Backyard décor
    Wine bottles can also be used to pave the backyard walkways or the wall
  1. Table lamps
    Wine bottles can be used to hold a table lamp
  1. Wine bottle torch
    When hosting that outside event, wine bottles can be transformed into torches
  1. Hanging lanterns
    Wine bottles can also be edited to form hanging lanterns for the interior.
  1. Candle holders
    For the romantic evening or the occasional lights out, well cut wine bottles can be used as candle holders.
  1. Shelves
    When arranged properly and attached to a wall, wine bottles can be used to make shelves.
  1. Tables
    Creativity is all that is needed to turn wine bottles into a wine bottle table.
  1. Christmas décor
    Wine bottles can be creatively used to decorate for the festive season.
  1. Christmas frozen bottles
    By adding artistic decoration to the interior of a wine bottle it can be turned into part of the Christmas décor. So don’t waste your money on rubbish clearance, just reuse the bottles you have at your home.
  1. Wedding decorations
    The bottles can be used as flower vases or candle holders at weddings.
  1. Wall decorations
    When hang at certain points they can make wall decorations.
  1. Shower cubicle décor
    Wine bottles can be used to make shower cubicles.
  1. Entire ceiling
    By incorporating them into the whole ceiling they can be made into a great decoration for the interior.
  1. Glass wall
    Wine bottles can also be used to partition rooms.
  1. Floor decoration
    For the discerning artist, wine bottles can be incorporated into the floor.
  1. Lamps or lights
    Wine bottles can be turned into yard or garden lamps.
  1. Ceiling lights
  1. Hanging planters
    The bottles can be hanged and plants placed in them to make a hanging garden.